Someone shared a Plugcode with you

Good news! This is the easiest way to exchange information and / or files with someone. If the code starts with:

  • "PF-": you will have access to a form you can complete,
  • "PN-": You will discover a structured Plugnote with information and attachements,
  • "PP-": As the Plugcode is private and adressed to your personal e-mail, you should download the app to access the Plugnote.

Unknown code for plugform.

You haven't received a Plugcode yet but you are curious?

Here are two examples!

By using the Plugcode PN-190117-2YI98 or scanning the QR-code, you will access a Plugnote.

Plugnotes QR code

When using the Plugform-code
PF-180827-H9M10 you will access a form to complete.